Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you better off now than 8 years ago?

That is the question.

Same thing was asked in an election debate some 28 years ago. Reagan was debating Carter. More here:

No one I know is actually better off than 8 years ago - even some folks I know who supported Bush 8 years ago. I know two who are unemployed due to the economy and mortgage fiasco.

ONLY person I know who is better off is (I hate to say this) my ex-wife. *gasp* This is only because she was homeless in 2000 and after years of moving around she got serious and attended trucking school and got a job for a big company who pays well and has great benefits.

THAT is the ONLY one of all the people I know.

So - if you are better off than you were in 2000, go on and vote GOP. Otherwise, vote Democratic.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Film Review: John Adams

HBO's miniseries John Adams.

I caught this one by accident on July 4th, and was taken by the authenticity of the series. I then "Tivo'd" the whole thing and I've finally finished watching the series.

I was taken first by the style of the film-making itself, a non-glamourous way of telling the story. I'm sure there was some literary license in the dialog, but the cinematography struck me as the best for this era of history as the work in "Barry Lyndon" over 30 years ago. I hunted for info and I've yet to find any online articles, but they archived a very natural look to the film, especially in the indoor scenes lit by candle.

The story itself is very, very accurate and gives a nice angle on the US' early years, the birth of a nation and the struggles early on by all factions in creating a government from scratch. The birth of the party system, the intrigues in the elections, the back-stabbing and bickering of strong willed individuals seeking office.

The series offers stark contrast to our modern times of comfort and safety. Congress at this time was more like the way British Parliament is now, the speakers shouted at, shouted down, arguing...

My favorite scene is when Abigale Adams is reading some newspapers about John Adams, calling the President a toothless, crippled old curmudgeon. John replies with "I'm not crippled"... all set to the counterpart of Schubert's Piano Trio... (again, this took me back to Barry Lyndon)

Go rent this one. I call it 5 stars.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stunning report on BioFuels

It's been leaked that this push for biofuels has caused food prices to go up as much as 75%, according to a story published in the Guardian:

Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% - far more than previously estimated - according to a confidential World Bank report obtained by the Guardian.

The damning unpublished assessment is based on the most detailed analysis of the crisis so far, carried out by an internationally-respected economist at global financial body.

The figure emphatically contradicts the US government's claims that plant-derived fuels contribute less than 3% to food-price rises. It will add to pressure on governments in Washington and across Europe, which have turned to plant-derived fuels to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce their dependence on imported oil.

Between the dumb war in Iraq, further failed foreign policies, and this failed energy policy it's no wonder "W" is the absolute worse President in history. This includes Nixon, Coolidge and Grant. I never thought I'd seen another Presidency tainted and fouled after Nixon, but I am ashamed to say it's happened again.

At least Nixon was really good at foreign policy....

Tofu = dementia?

Yeah - that's right. Folks who eat Tofu (such as my annoying ex-wife) are more prone to dementia (read it right here) !

If that isn't enough to convince you - there is more right here.

Notice please both reports are from non-anti-vegan sources.

Tofu is to me what a grape is to a cat - not considered food. Just try to feed a cat a grape. Same results if you try to feed me Tofu. I may even scratch worse than a cat. I know I'll piss in your shoes.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss Universe

I have to wonder... why is it call Miss Universe when all the contestants are only from this planet?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

File this under "Duuhh!!"

Allstate insurance released a report showing Austin drivers are again the worst drivers in Texas. (Reported by KVUE-TV Austin, channel 24)

DUH!! You think?

Last week while driving from the hospital after spending a day with my kid while she recovered from surgery, I was cut off by a knot-head in a SUV, weaving across 3 lanes of traffic, TEXTING on his cell phone and not watching the road.

So now it's official, Austin is home to the worst drivers in Texas and just about bottom on the whole list of cities in the US. If it isn't distracted drivers it's stupid drivers.

Stupid drivers go 20 mph UNDER the limit (or speed of traffic) in the left lane. Against the law, but the city prefers to crack down on folks speeding, not going too damn slow.

In San Antonio you see signs telling people that SLOW TRAFFIC must keep to the right. It happens to be a law in Texas only ONE city enforces. The rest of the state is happy allowing the morons to wander anywhere they please on the roadways, no matter how slow they drive.

El Paso was rated top in Texas, I guess because most idiots from the east coast and west coasts only pass through and rarely stop and settle there.