Saturday, September 27, 2008

Light table info

Actual image from light table

I’ve been asked about this table by several people, so here’s a quick idea of how it is made and its dimensions.

The table is made from ½” white PVC pipe. I used about 4 10-foot pipes, 10 90-degree elbows, 10 cross T’s and some glue. I highly recommend getting a nice pipe cutter as it makes this work a lot easier.

Looking back, I’d probably make this thing a bit smaller. I think it’s too wide and too tall in the back, but it’s height from the table to the floor is about right.
I had to use combinations of elbows and T’s instead of elbow T’s which would have made for a better assembly, but Home Depot doesn’t have those.

I put a cross bar across the front top, and dropped it in the back to below table height to made sire I can light it without a shadow of a cross bar at the back.
I have attached several photos to show it without the glass or backdrop.

Not every piece of PVC is glued, so it breaks down into a bottom back and front section, and cross arms.

The basic dimensions are 33' high from floor to table platform, then another 36" for the back drop holder. It's 34" deep and 32" wide. I'm going to reengineer this so a piece of white plex in standard sizes can fit, about 24" wide and total length from front to top of back piece is 48" total. Otherwise I'll have to buy a full sheet and have it cut. I figure the thinnest sheet of white plex would work just fine with the glass I use on the table top, so I don't have to buy a piece of heavier plex and have it bent to shape.

Right now I use some vellum in a 30" wide roll, pulled across and over a sheet of glass on the table, and if I need a reflection I'll put some clear plex on the vellum.

Front view with dimensions.

Side view

Close up of the T & elbow for the front bottom

Elbow and off-set back brace at the back of the table

And a view of the elbows and T's for the front top, with a cross support at the front for the glass sheet I use.