Monday, October 20, 2008

Product Review - Brother HL-2170W Printer

I typically use a laser printer for printing out letters, model releases, and I will use a laser printer most of the time, unless I am printing photos, which is the best use for an inkjet. You just use up too much ink with everyday printing with an inkjet.

My old Xerox failed. The fuser module failed, so I was stuck with a inkjet annoying me until I went out this past weekend and decided to price new B&W laser printers. I stopped by Office Depot and spotted a nice little compact printer... The Brother HL-2170W, a wireless network printer.. for UNDER 150.00!!! I paid 600 for my Xerox in 1999. OGM! It had a rebate of 60.00!!! Making it 89.99 after rebate!

I had read some reviews online, where the reviews had problems making it connect to the WiFi network, or envelopes jamming or other complaints. I had no issues setting it up. I read where you needed a new router to do the one-step wireless install, or connect via cable to the router and set it up that way. I never connected this printer physically to my PC, and it worked like a charm.

I have printed envelopes, business card paper (Including clean edge Avery cards) and normal paper without any problems. The whole key is to read the manual, and follow directions.

Some online reviews hammer this printer about its graphics quality, but understand this is a monochrome laser printer, and if you print cartoons that are 100% line art, it’ll do fine. It boasts a staggering 32 Megs of memory, and I find no faults with its speed in “graphics mode”.

I am using this printer as a 100% wireless unit, and I have no problems printing to it no matter where I have it placed in my home.

You have to understand that this is a small office or home office printer. It prints one envelope at a time as there is no envelope feeder.

It replaces my older Xerox P12 workhorse, and it’s much faster and quieter than the Xerox. The replacement toner is reasonable and if I ever use it enough to need a new drum, it’s also not a deal killer. The toner for my Xerox also replaced the drum, so it was expensive replacing it’s toner.

All PROS and no CONS.